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Free mover


The international student who is arranging his/her studies on his/her own initiative is called a non-degree FREE MOVER and in this case he/she has to pay tuition fee. Tuition fee is calculated according to number of ECTS credits selected for studies at MRU by the Free- mover. The charge for one ECTS credit depends on the cycle of studies (Bachelor or Master), the field of studies and it is different for EU citizens and non-EU citizens. The tuition fee for 1 ECTS credit for EU citizens is from 22 Eur to 38 Eur; for non- EU citizens is from 36 Eur to 53 Eur. The required number of credits per semester for a free mover is between 25 to 30 ECTS credits.

UKRAINIAN Nationals fleeing from was since 24 February 2022:
You may become a mobility student for one semester or two with a free mover (visiting student) status:
- The offer is still possible for this semester until March 31; If you apply after March 31, mobility studies with a free mover (visiting student) status will be possible from Autumn semester only.
- Tuition fee will be waived for you.
- You will be choosing the subjects based on the current time-table for mobility students (up to 30 ECTS per semester).
- Depending on the field of studies, you may start immediately by joining lectures online. However, we advise to arrive to Lithuania as soon as possible. After arrival to Lithuania you have to register as Ukrainian fleeing from the war as soon as possible.
- You retain a student‘s status at your home university.
- Free mover (visiting student) is not eligible for degree from MRU.
- After completion of your mobility studies, you will receive a transcript of records and you will be able to ask for the recognition of the credits obtained at MRU at your home university.

Financial support:
- MRU has established a special fund to support MRU Ukrainian degree-seeking students. Only the students who are physically present and registered as Ukrainians fleeing from the war are eligible for financial support. All the students that need financial support after arrival are advised to apply for it here at MRU.
- Until the end of spring semester (June 30) accommodation is provided to fleeing Ukrainians (who transfer or arrive as mobility students) free of charge at MRU Student house. Automatically, the accommodation fee for the Ukrainian MRU degree or mobility student will be covered from the special fund supporting Ukrainian students.
- Our government is considering establishing a special funding for Ukrainians to study in Lithuania, who fled Ukraine due to the war.

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